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  • Are you a dedicated educator with dreams of ascending to leadership?

  • Do you yearn to make a more significant impact, to take charge, and steer the course of educational institutions towards excellence?

  • Are you tired of feeling like you're not living up to your true potential?

  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the pain of stagnation and the agitation of unfulfilled aspirations?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this book is for you.

Whether you're a teacher who wants to move into administration or you want to become a more powerful leader, order this comprehensive and empowering book. You will discover a transformative step-by-step journey that will propel you from being a mere teacher to a dynamic leader that has more impact and influence whether in the classroom or beyond.

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Transition from classroom to administration with ease, confidence, and all the necessary skills for successful leadership.


Get your copy of From Teacher to Leader: Paving your Path to Education Administration now and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth.

Benefits Of The Book

We understand your concerns - the fear of leaving your comfort zone, handling teacher conflicts, managing school budgets, and the uncertainty that comes with change management. From Teacher to Leader addresses all these and more. The step-by-step guide is designed to make your transition as smooth as possible, empowering you to lead with confidence.

Unlock Your Leadership Potential: Break free from the shackles of self-doubt and unlock your true leadership potential. Learn how to harness your unique strengths and qualities to inspire and lead others effectively.

Some Example Topics

Budgeting and Financial Management

Change Management


Conflict Resolution


Faculty Development


Leadership Styles

Lifelong Learning


Project Management


Discover the pathway to leadership and unlock your potential!


Essential Leadership Skills

You will gain invaluable insights into the essential leadership skills required to lead with confidence and competence. Understand the art of decision-making, problem-solving, and effective communication to navigate the challenges of education administration.


Develop A Visionary Approach

You will cultivate a visionary approach to education administration, where you can envision the future of your institution and take strategic steps to bring that vision to life. Lead your team towards shared goals and create a positive and motivating work culture.


Handle Challenges with Resilience

Education administration can be demanding and stressful, but armed with the knowledge from this book, you will develop resilience and the ability to handle challenges with grace and determination.


Build Strong Professional Relationships

You will learn the art of influence and building strong relationships with stakeholders, teachers, students, and parents. Effective collaboration is the key to a successful educational institution.


Actionable Plan

You will gain a clear roadmap to transition from a teacher to an influential education administrator.


Coaching and Mentoring

You will get a Pathway Playbook with a step-by-step approach to the mentoring process to accelerate your leadership skills.



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Dr. Eric Goodman

Dr. Eric Goodman brings his expertise in higher education to his work in helping schools rethink, reimagine, and reinvent their futures. As a sought-after speaker, Eric is President of Higher Ed Change, an educational improvement firm guiding institutions through a process of transformation that creates a highly productive culture and organization and ultimately maximizes student success. He also serves as a coach, consultant, and trainer for educators, business leaders, and individuals who look to overcome challenges, plan for the future, and maximize success. His reason for being is rooted in serving as a catalyst for positive growth and transformation in the lives he touches, including thousands of educators.

Dr. Goodman has over 25 years of broad experience as a results-oriented and data-driven leader in consulting, corporate, and higher education settings. As a visionary innovator with a proven track record of success related to strategic planning and leading organizational development and change, he has also published articles and book chapters in areas related to organizational culture, change management, and teamwork.

He has served as a professor and leader in higher education with over a decade in the C-Suite and another decade as a business school dean, including leading one of the nation’s largest College of Business with over 22,000 students. His extensive leadership and consulting work has allowed him to test the strategies in this book in the real world of educators and their rapidly changing environment.

Dr. Goodman holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration with a focus in Organization Development from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he also earned a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

If you would like a powerful speaker, coach or trainer to collaborate with you please contact Eric at [email protected]

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Dr. Kim Nugent

Dr. Kim Nugent is a Director of Talent and Organizational Development for a healthcare system, business owner and a Master Certified Stakeholder Centered Leadership coach with an exceptional track record across generations of mentoring aspiring people into career and life success.

Also, Kim is a best-selling author of the following books: Did I Say Never? 52 Weeks to Exceptional Leadership, Promotion Protocol: Unlock the Secrets to Promotability and Career Success, Paving Your Path: What’s Next for High School Graduates, Finding My Forever Family, From Prison to Possibilities: Paving Your Path and Recruit, Retain, and Reimagine Today’s Foodservice Workforce.

Kim believes if you want to achieve extraordinary results, you must start by believing in people. Investing time, training, and mentoring to bring out the best in each individual is the first step. The next step is to build a system of sustainability through a customized mentoring program to achieve results. If you or your church ministry program would like to learn how to build a program.

Contact Kim, at [email protected]


“During the years that I served in higher education, I observed many teachers who attempted the transition from the classroom to becoming a leader in education administration. Unfortunately, the ratio of those who succeeded to those who did not implies that something was missing in the transitional process. Where was the how-to manual to guide teachers through the process? From Teacher to Leaders: Paving Your Path to Education Administration answers the question.”

Michael Maki, Ph.D.

Education Administration

“Faculty members know how to write a syllabus but do they know how to write a strategic plan? They know how to mentor advisees but can they hold subordinates accountable for

their performance? They are good at writing grant applications, but can they make the hard choices to balance a budget? The leap from teaching to leading requires new knowledge

and skills. Teacher to Leader: Paving Your Path to Education Administration prepares one to make the leap.”

David Clinefelter, Ph.D.

Walden University and Learning House; Provost, Kaplan University; President, Graceland University

“Having spent over 30 years researching the science of how to accelerate the speed of learning and behavior change, I found that the emphasis on developing critical competencies along with powerful self-reflection and the mentoring format sets this book apart from other resources. The approach of this book is a game-changer for any teacher ready to step into educational leadership.”

J.W. Wilson

Executive Director, The Learning Code Institute

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“Goodman and Nugent have crafted this excellent Educational Leadership book to provide a twenty-first century look at the leadership field. Well-crafted and intelligently organized, it provides advice directly from leaders; important information about critical topics such as mentoring, collaboration, strategic planning, and faculty development; and many others. As I think about courses I have taught in the past on leadership, I wish this book had been available then.”

Dr. Philip A. Schmidt

CEO of inSTEMact

Past President of the TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education

"From Teacher to Leader is a grand collection of what is needed in educational leadership. It clarifies the task areas and competencies needed, has an A-Z structured pathway to navigate the shift in roles, includes insights from many who have taken this path, and the great learnings of the authors in their own transitions. Most importantly, throughout societies, the education sector has become more critical and disrupted by serious types of changes. Leadership in these organizations will be paramount!”

David W. Jamieson, Ph.D.

President, Jamieson Consulting Group, Inc, and Editor, Organization Development Review

Former President of the American Society of Training and Development

(ASTD, now ATD), NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science


This book will show you how. Step into your potential and shape the future of education. Get your copy of From Teacher To Leader now!

“As an educational leader for over 40 years with advanced degrees and a plethora of experience, I can honestly say that the missing link to happiness and success as an administrator is addressed in this book. Cross-sector research on the importance of social-emotional learning and leadership, along with a window into the positive psychology movement helps us understand and balance our identity with our work to lead a wholehearted life. It is through

this effort that we will encourage teachers to become educational leaders and retain quality administrators. A must-read!”

Tammy Quist, ME.d. Educational Leadership

National Educational Leadership Consultant and Coach

Change Agent, Inc.

“From Teacher to Leader is a remarkable book that not only introduces the revolutionary B.A.N.K. personality system but also emphasizes the crucial role of communication and emotional intelligence in educational leadership. By embracing this powerful information, teachers-turned-leaders are equipped with the essential tools to not only communicate effectively but also foster a nurturing environment where students are engaged in the learning process and can develop vital life skills. This book is a must-read for educators who aspire to create lasting impacts on both their teams and the students they serve.”

Cheri Tree, Founder and CEO, Codebreaker Technologies.

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